Author: Sarah-May Lucas

Sarah-May Lucas left school at 16 to work in a local Italian restaurant in Watford. She worked her way up from washing up to being head chef, then founded her own fusion restaurant Pork Samosas. The recession hit profits, so Sarah turned to online marketing with spectacular results. She now uses her search engine optimisation skills to help other struggling businesses reach new customers online. She also provides Facebook and Twitter advice to small businesses.

Sarah-May is a single mother with 2 children: Letitia aged 8 and Ross, who is 10. They all enjoy playing cards as a family. Sarah-May has recently learnt to play bridge and she loves the mental challenge of the game, as well as meeting lots of eccentric characters at the bridge club. The family have a labradoddle called Chucky, who is possibly the only dog in the world that does not like going for walks. Sarah-May and her children still live near Watford and meet up with extended family for big meals and lots of laughs.

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Hundefutter vegan - gesund oder gefährlich?

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Veganer Käse, geschmacklich kaum zu unterscheiden zu Kuh-, Schafs- oder Ziegenmilch

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Vegane Bratwurst, perfekt zum Grillen

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Vegan Grillen

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Superfoods = Super Ernährung?

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Superfoods - die neuen Alleskönner für Hipster